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Alaska and Hawaii are part of Printing Industries Association, Inc.

Print & Graphic Communications Association
Tim Freeman, Co-President
Melissa Jones, Co-President

Printing & Graphics Association Mid Atlantic
Jay Goldscher

Printing Industries of San Diego
Megan Anderson


Great Lakes Graphics Association
Joseph Lyman​

Printing & Imaging Association
of Mid America

Teresa Campbell

Printing Industries Association, Inc.
Lou Caron

Printing Industry of MidWest
Kristin Davis

Printing Industries of New England
Christine Hagopian

​Print Media Association
Tim Suraud

Printing Industry of the Carolinas
Jeffrey Stoudt

Florida Graphics Alliance
Gabe Hernandez

Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia
Jon Krueger

Graphic Media Alliance  
Andrew Schall

Printing Industry Association of the South
Edward Chalifoux

Visual Media Alliance
Ian Flynn

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