About Certifications

What is Certification?

RACG provides group certification services in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council® standards.

Why Become Certified?

  • Credibility
  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Engagement
  • Access to Markets

Certification is a requirement for those who:

  • Desire to use the FSC® logo or name on any printed piece, whether for a customer or oneself
  • Need to provide their customer with documentation regarding the FSC® certified Chain of Custody status, material, or want to use the FSC® logo or name as part of their general “green” marketing

Group Standard:

To assist small businesses with the cost of certification, the FSC® created the group standard. This standard allows companies that conduct less than five million dollars ($5,000,000) per year in total wood product sales, to ‘group’ together with other small companies to share a common certificate. It is under this system that RACG operates.

Total sales may exceed five million dollars if there are divisions that separately conduct non wood product related services, such as website development or fulfillment. If you have less than five million a year in sales, or are close to that, contact us and see if you qualify to participate.

A group certificate is different than a single certificate. Single certification requires independent development of systems; often without the expert support and comprehensive systems available to group participants. Couple that with the cost of single certification, which is generally double that of RACG participants, and RACG is clearly a superior alternative.

Individual Standard:

Companies in the $5 million to $100 million wood product sales range are eligible for an individual standard FSC certification. We call this our Large Printer Program or LPP.

This program provides larger companies the same efficient and streamlined certification audit and trademark approvals of our group certification standard.

RACG and our certifying body, SGS North America, make maintaining certification easy through the use of our expert support and comprehensive systems. All designed for your use with your business in mind.

Ready To Enroll?

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