LPP: Large Printer Program

Is LPP for me?

The Regional Affiliate Certificate Group (RACG) has partnered with SGSNA to provide streamlined, affordable, member focused processes for printers with sales volumes above $5 million. Become certified with these easy steps!

 Steps to get enrolled

1)         Complete Enrollment Form
2)         Complete SGSNA Application
3)         Complete Required Forms from SGSNA
4)         Complete RACG LPP Documentation set, provided by group management, with                        assistance as needed
5)         Complete the On-Site assessment
6)         Certificate issued
7)         Use SGSNA’s responsive FSC logo support throughout the audit year

Individual Standard:

Companies in the $5 million to $100 million wood products sales range are eligible for an individual standard certification. We call this our Large Printer Program or LPP.

This program provides larger companies the same efficient and streamlined certification audit and trademark approvals of our group standard certification.

RACG and our certifying body, SGSNA, make maintaining certification easy through the use of our expert support and comprehensive systems. All designed for your use and with your business in mind.


  • (Please check all that apply)
  • This information is used to calculate the FSC® Annual Administration Fee and is considered confidential. Please indicate the size class of the site to be certified based on the total annual sales (in US dollars) of products containing wood/fiber/paper components (both certified and non-certified). If multiple sites are covered under a single certification, combine the total annual sales of all sites to determine class size.
  • Additional sites are not subject to the flat rate; for organizations with >1 site you will be provided with customized, discounted member pricing according to the size and structure of your organization. Do you have more than one location to be certified?
  • Does your company engage in the process of contracting a business function (e.g. binding, embossing, laminating, etc…) to an independent company?
  • Affirmation
    By submitting this application, I authorize RACG to submit our interest in certification through the Large Printer Program to SGSNA. Further, we understand that we will be responsible for the All-Inclusive Fee as outlined below which will be invoiced by SGSNA and due prior to certificate issuance. Certificate will not be issued without payment in full. I agree that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I am duly authorized to sign this application. If our company decides to pursue certification, I agree to comply with the requirements for certification and to supply any information that is necessary for the audit of the operation and/or products to be certified.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For Class 4, the All-inclusive fee is $4,244 which includes the AAF fee forwarded to FSC.
    For Class 5, the All-inclusive fee is $5,189 which includes the AAF fee forwarded to FSC.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.