LPP: Large Printer Program

Is LPP for me?

The Regional Affiliate Certificate Group (RACG) has partnered with SGSNA to provide streamlined, affordable, member focused processes for printers with sales volumes above $5 million. Become certified with these easy steps!

 Steps to get enrolled

1)         Complete Enrollment Form
2)         Complete SGSNA Application
3)         Complete Required Forms from SGSNA
4)         Complete RACG LPP Documentation set, provided by group management, with                        assistance as needed
5)         Complete the On-Site assessment
6)         Certificate issued
7)         Use SGSNA’s responsive FSC®, SFI®and PEFC logo support throughout the audit year

Individual Standard:

Companies in the $5 million to $100 million wood products sales range are eligible for an individual standard certification. We call this our Large Printer Program or LPP.

This program provides larger companies the same efficient and streamlined certification audit and trademark approvals of our group standard certification.

RACG and our certifying body, SGSNA, make maintaining certification easy through the use of our expert support and comprehensive systems. All designed for your use and with your business in mind.