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Please read & agree to the following:

  • My company is a member in good standing with a Regional Affiliate and understand that ongoing participation in RACG is contingent upon remaining so.
  • My company’s gross sales of forest products (printing) is less than $5,000,000 per year and I can demonstrate such to RACG auditors and consultants.
  • RACG fees are $1,895 per year for one location and include auditor travel expenses (please note that rush charges may apply). Full payment is required to initiate participation and to schedule your plant visit. (Please make checks payable to RACG).
  • Group members are required to schedule annual audits and close out non-conformances within required time frames. Additional fees may apply if deadlines are not met.
  • Acknowledge that my company is individually responsible for compliance with conditions relative to FSC logo utilization and audit requirements. Any liability created by our failure to do so remains our sole responsibility.
  • Acknowledge and agree to the general obligations and responsibilities for participation in a group Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate, as stipulated in applicable FSC standards, contracts and procedures.
  • Name a primary contact who will be responsible for and responsive to all RACG/AGC communications.
  • Agree to conform to all applicable FSC certification requirements, obligations, corrective action requests and procedures of RACG, including those tied to the Certification Body, FSC, and ASI external evaluations and publishing of public information.
  • Authorize RACG to apply for and administer FSC CoC certification on our behalf.
  • Acknowledge our responsibility for the part RACG/AGC plays in the maintenance of the overall certificate.
  • Understand that failure to abide by RACG policies may result in removal from the certificate, without return of paid fees.
  • Understand that failure to be responsive to all RACG/AGC information and action requests will result in your company being assessed fee(s) which you acknowledge you are responsible for paying (see reverse of Consent Form for additional fee information).


Members must provide a copy of supporting documentation relating to the dollar amounts entered in the Consent Form.

Per the FSC’s AAF (Annual Administration Fee) policy change, we are now also required to collect supporting documentation reflecting the dollar amounts provided on your consent form. Please be aware that as Group Managers, we are required to follow their standards and policies; the same as you as a member.

Forest Products Turnover means the Revenue of all certified and uncertified forest products and products containing wood or fiber components. (i.e., all wood products, pulp and paper products, and non-timber forest products according to FSC-STD-40-004a). It does not refer to 100% non-forest products companies might produce.

Consent Form Supporting Documentation Options: 

  • Tax records and filings
  • Accounting records
  • Financial statements
  • A declaration from an accounting firm
  • Management accounts showing financial general ledger coding
  • (see reverse of Consent Form for more information)

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