About RACG

Regional Affiliate Certificate Group is a program developed and offered by participating Regional US Printing Affiliates for affiliate members. This means that RACG has an intimate knowledge of the print industry, what printers face each day, and what printers need to make their life easier. The goal of RACG is to make certification as simple, straightforward, and inexpensive as possible, while providing participants with a highly organized and efficient process.

Participation in RACG Provides:

  • Lowest certification cost available
  • Enhanced recognition from environmentally conscious consumers
  • Continuous trademark support throughout the year
  • Fast response times on trademark approval requests
  • Process documentation that is as close to fill in the blank as you can get
  • Assistance from trained audit staff and certification specialists
  • Quick, easy, Association assisted enrollment
  • Participant only training, webinars, and updates

Additionally, Member Firms have access to the FSC® label.

The FSC® logo, the letters FSC®, and the words Forest Stewardship Council® are protected trademarks. You must be certified, or have permission directly from FSC® to use them.

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